Comic 113 - Falling Action
1st May 2018, 7:00 PM in Epilogue
Falling Action
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Author Notes:
halibabica edit delete
So that's what was going on in the cave! All's well that ends well!

Incidentally, having a parachute for this is irrelevant in-game. You outright survive the fall regardless, and it won't open if you have one on you.
User comments:
Haegan2005 edit delete reply
Dang good comic. I seriously appreciate you taking the effort and the time to share this rollicking romp with us!
halibabica edit delete reply
And we're not even quite done yet! ;P
Treenara (Guest) edit delete reply
Having a parachute in HD does open and without it you can take fall damage and die if you have only one life left.
halibabica edit delete reply
Guess I should have specified this was based on classic Spelunky, then.
DiMono (Guest) edit delete reply
You used to die if you only had 1 health, but then they patched it so that you gain an extra health before the cutscene. Now you survive, but you still fall on your face. It was funny when the camel would ride off without you though, in the beforetimes.
halibabica edit delete reply
Neato! I guess the only way to die in post-game now is to bring a magma cauldron with you.
melaredblu edit delete reply
Bygones, I suppose, huh? Happy endings all around.