Comic 115 - Here's the Score
15th May 2018, 7:00 PM in Extras
Here's the Score
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Author Notes:
halibabica edit delete
These are Hero's stats from completing his journey! But I need to explain a little bit about them.

Money is obvious. He didn't keep any extra treasure along the way, so the flat 50k is all he got.

Kills are only the sum of entities that Hero killed/caused to die himself. If they were killed by environmental accidents or other characters (including Damsel), then they didn't count. He was three points shy of a bronze trophy there.

Saves is the number of floors he finished with the Damsel. In-game, it's impossible to get a score of 16 since the Damsel can never spawn in Olmec's chamber.

Pages replaces Time as the measure of length, but not all the story's pages count toward this. Some episodes had time overlaps, such as when Hero and Damsel were separated in the ice cave, or when Roc pursued them in the temple. This also excludes the intro/epilogue. The comic's full page count is 211.

Plays are the number of times the cave was entered. The single death would refer to Danielle, or this comic's previous iteration if you want to count that. The single win is all we got.
User comments:
Enderlucario (Guest) edit delete reply
This is was an awesome and wild ride. After I saw the score screen I went back through the entire comic and made a list for everyone/everything that killed anything. I was going to link it here but while I was cleaning it up I completely messed it up. the data is still there so I wont have to go back through the comic again. (Not that that would be a bad thing) It is just going to take a while to get the data back in the right place. When I have it finished I will either edit this comment or reply to this comment. If either of those don't work I will just make a new comment.
halibabica edit delete reply
Hehehe! That'll be a lot of death, then!
Enderlucario (Guest) edit delete reply
I finished it.

If you are able to I would appreciate it if you could confirm some things. Some of the deaths appear off screen so I labeled them as who I am assuming killed them. It is obvious who killed them but I figured I should check with the creator so I don't have inaccurate info in my table. If you don't have the time or just don't want to I understand.

P.S. This was an amazing comic. I am going to go through the original sometime to see where this came from.

P.P.S. I might make a death chart for that one too if it is too different.
halibabica edit delete reply
I looked it over, and it mostly checks out! The frog you were wondering about between the first two jungle episodes was indeed the same one Rich killed on the previous page.

The ManTrap did NOT kill Tomb Lord with a psychic bubble, because in Classic, you get the scepter by defeating it. The ManTrap would probably have killed it with whatever weapon he had last (shotgun, I think).

It's inaccurate to say Rich killed the Magma Man by blowing it up, as this only makes them multiply.

That was all I noticed out of place, though. If you want to look over the old version, you'll have to read it on my deviantArt gallery.
Enderlucario edit delete reply
New Link
Enderlucario (Guest) edit delete reply
I updated the list for Richard and the Mantrap. I bolded the ones I removed (Frog and Magma Man) This brings the total count fro Richard down to 76. I am missing two. I will look through the comic to try and find it butt if you already know I would appreciate it.
halibabica edit delete reply
I'll double check it. There are some parts that are less clear.
Enderlucario (Guest) edit delete reply
I think I found the 2 I was missing. There was a snake in Comic 6 - Look Before You LEAP! that was killed by the explosion but wasn't in the explosion page. I think the other might be Olmec. In the game it would be counted because he fell into the Lava but I was counting it as Roc killing him because he saved him from the Lava and then threw him back in later.
halibabica edit delete reply
Nope, but I found the other one you were missing. In Ch1's 'Watch Your Step', Hero whips a skeleton before the caveman kills himself. Olmec is indeed Roc's kill. Scratch that, it was just out of order. Still looking...

...and couldn't find it. I guess I miscounted! It seems he only had 77 kills after all.

Btw I wasn't able to edit that comment from before, so I just deleted it since the question was answered anyway.
Enderlucario (Guest) edit delete reply
Ok thank you for deleting it. I would hate to spoil anything for a new reader. Thanks for helping me edit and get correct info for the death listing.