Comic 16 - Gold Digger
31st Jul 2014, 8:36 AM in That's How It All Started
Gold Digger
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User comments:
demcleod edit delete reply
Wow, man, you are on a roll lately with all the updates. Awesome. And 100,000 does sound STEEP! haha
halibabica edit delete reply
Sorry if I'm getting your hopes up! I have to plan out the next chapter now, so we won't have any updates for a while. ^^;
heydeze edit delete reply
The Tunnel Man left out the part where he expects you to die repeatedly, and contribute the 100k over the course of multiple runs...
halibabica edit delete reply
Well, he did say investors (plural), but for as much hilarious potential this series has for countless idiotic deaths, our Hero has but one life to live.