Comic 63 - Yeti King is Not Chill
7th Mar 2016, 11:44 AM in The Cold Depths
Yeti King is Not Chill
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Author Notes:
halibabica edit delete
Thinking further on the title of this episode...maybe the Yeti King IS actually chill. In the game, his only action is to roar at you. This can cause ice to break and crush you, but he never attacks you directly. Could he be trying to simply scare you away and avoid confrontation? I guess we'll never really know.
User comments:
DocMesa edit delete reply
"It's a terrific save! The crowd goes wild!"

halibabica edit delete reply
Oh no one of the players was injured!
Haegan2005 edit delete reply
If they did not have bad luck, they would have no luck at all!
halibabica edit delete reply
Can bad luck run out the way good luck does? No...surely it cannot.