Comic 74 - Her
12th Jun 2016, 8:20 AM in The Cold Depths
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Author Notes:
halibabica edit delete
halibabica that's why he hates monkeys. :c

You may have guessed already, but the The Cold Depths has concluded. Sorry to say the next update is a long time away. Not only do I need to plan out the 4th (and final) chapter, but I have bigger fish to fry in the meantime. I don't know when this will get going again, but it's going to be months, and I'm sorry to those who are anticipating it. I'll be back again someday~
User comments:
Haegan2005 edit delete reply
Everyone hates monkeys. Even the monkeys!
halibabica edit delete reply
Monkeys are the embodiment of hatred.
BisleyT (Guest) edit delete reply
Hi. I've absolutely loved recently remembering this was a thing, catching up and then realising it still wasn't finished. Would you please post in the spelunky Reddit when you *do* get the chance to continue it?
halibabica edit delete reply
I should probably be posting about it there anyway, so yeah, I'll mention there when I pick it up again.
ABob71 (Guest) edit delete reply
One hell of a callback. Great comic, thank you for producing such an awesome story!
halibabica edit delete reply
You're welcome! I'll be happy to continue producing it someday!
Mike (Guest) edit delete reply
Any update?
halibabica edit delete reply
As it currently stands, the game design project I've been distracted with since July of last year is finally winding down. I'll have the last of my stages by the end of this month, and I hope to have it cleaned up and compiled by the end of April.

So this should resume sometime in May, but now I've probably jinxed it just by saying it. >_<
Proxy170 edit delete reply
Saw "Made in Taiwan" on the bottom of workout equipment in the gym the other day, made me laugh thinking about this comic, haha. Are you gonna start it up again?
halibabica edit delete reply
I hope so! It looks like my game design collab thing only has another month or so before it's finished. Then I need to plan out the chapter in more detail, get a little backlog going, and then updates will finally resume. So...sometime in May, if we're lucky.
A fan (Guest) edit delete reply
I absolutely love this comic. I think that the rogue mantrap was an excellent idea for a villian, since even the ghost hates the mantrap! I liked this comic idea so much I tried to make my own version of what I thought the rogue was like ( full credit to you of course ). I can't wait to see the next few comics and I hope cartooning goes well for you!

- A Spelunky fan

P.S. Imagine a mantrap with a forked tongue and arrow-tipped leaves!
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
So the skeleton when they went past the pit in the jungle, was that Danielle
halibabica edit delete reply
It sure was. :(
Lee M edit delete reply
Lee M
I am so glad I'm reading this months after the hiatus...!!!!!!
halibabica edit delete reply
This is the power of an archive.