Comic 89 - Regifting
14th Nov 2017, 3:00 PM in In Ruins
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Author Notes:
halibabica edit delete
This is one of those nonsense physics moments where Hero probably should've died from heat exposure or something, but WHATEVER, GOODBYE BALL 'N CHAIN.
User comments:
kyrtuck edit delete reply
lol, whut? :P

I woulda just left it behind myself.
halibabica edit delete reply
They don't want to risk supernatural forces returning it to them again.
Haegan2005 edit delete reply
okay, this was a funny ending on the page.

And well done in general sneakiness!
halibabica edit delete reply
I take pride in my sneaking.
pkrankow edit delete reply
Iron is a relatively poor conductor of heat. Ask any blacksmith.
On the other hand yes, he is sitting inches away from lava and not cooking.
halibabica edit delete reply
True, but we don't know what material the chain is really made of. I looked up the melting points of metals out of curiosity when I wrote this, but it wasn't too helpful. Most metals need tons of heat to completely melt, but all Hero needed to do was soften it enough to break.

Regardless, his shoe would probably be melted to his foot no matter what.